Your first session

Understandably, some apprehension may surround your first therapy session, therefore there will be time to ask questions and become comfortable with the counselling format. A session lasts 50 minutes and we will discuss our contract, which explains confidentiality and it's limitations, and then explore your main issues for entering into therapy. A key element of counselling is the acceptance of each client as they are, therefore there will be no expectations upon you, nor will anything you disclose be judged.

If at any stage of the process it becomes clear that you may benefit from alternative support from other agencies, I will endeavour to signpost you accordingly. There are no obligtions and you may opt out of therapy at any stage.


This is an important aspect of the therapy process, as explained in our initial contract. Confidentiality helps build a safe and transparent space in which trust can be formed between Counsellor and client. Some exceptions to full confidentiality however are necessary, and allow me to work ethically and legally.

All professional Counsellors attached to the BACP are required to meet with a supervisor monthly. This is an experienced psychotherapist who may offer fresh perspectives on caseloads as well as bringing a level of accountability to the profession. Any cases brought to a supervisor remain anonymous.


A typical counselling session of 50 minutes is £50. This is the same regardless of the type of counselling or the issues brought into therapy. A student rate (for those in full time education) can be made available for £30. 

Holidays and cancellations

If you are unable to attend a session due to unforeseeable circumstances, I would ask for as much notice as possible allowing me to fill your appointment time. If however a session is cancelled within 24 hours or is missed without prior warning, the full cost of the session will still be charged. Contact can be made by phone call, voicemail, text message or e-mail. 

The contract used in every initial session can be found below.